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The Association Albergue Ecológico El Beso is an association that consists of three founding members, honorary members and volunteers. At the moment there are two members managing the albergue and its volunteers.

Any member of the association can be identified as being committed to ecology and pilgrims. The members have affection with running an albergue on the Camino the Santiago and see the association as an opportunity to contribute and communicate the message of a more sustainable and organic lifestyle.

The albergue operates in a social and solidary way, meaning that we all respect and share the jobs that we undertake for the albergue. The main activity is running the albergue. A member communicates about the albergue towards the pilgrims and new volunteers. Key words here are, organic food, sustainable building practices, gardening and nature, and being respectful and sociable with all that visit the albergue, meaning pilgrims and volunteers. Other activities include gardening, building and/or restoring, deciding what projects are there to be done, promotional material in the albergue, etc.
The group runs the albergue and everyone has their own tasks to take care off, respecting the group. People come to learn and experience not only in a practical way but also in a social way.

Members of the association have a voting right and insight to the documentation of the albergue, like financial figures and decisions taken. There are several yearly meetings where proposals are voted for and tasks distributed. Any member is at liberty to organise a meeting for any issue that arises.

So, the association consists of:

Members; those that participate in the albergue with full responsibilities and voting rights.
Honorary members; those that have donated or are committed from a distance to the association, or persons that participate as member, but do not vote.
Volunteers; people that stay for one month at the albergue as an experience and help in the daily activities.

Opportunity to manage this albergue