The communal area, the dormitory, the garden, etc.

The albergue is in the center of a valley, in the middle of a chestnut forest.

All went to Santiago and stayed for a night at the albergue, thanks for coming, and buen camino!

Some impressions from volunteers that stayed at the albergue.

Rocket Mass Heater

This heating system was built in the center of the common area, where it is used for warming of a bench and part of the room. It is a sustainable, do it yourself way of creating confort.

vegetables & fruits

The area is fertile and many vegetables and fruits are grown and harvested.

Creating an albergue ...

It took one and a half year of work and after that continuos working while pilgrims were coming to get the albergue in its current state.

The house when we arrived

The house was bought in 2012, and here some pics of what it looked like, before starting to work and live there.