Pilgrims that walk the camino, are doing so normally for a month, having many experiences through their journey. The places they stay form an important part of this experience. Many pilgrims are looking for inspiration and answers, and often, going home is a new life, and the experiences are taken home. Often it is joked that your Camino starts after the Camino.

The Association Albergue Ecologico El Beso is an organic and sustainable place, in the middle of a forest, where we strive to offer an experience of an organic life. We believe that ecology and sustainability are directly related to humans, it’s our habitat, and the better we take care of it, the more we improve or simply sustain our lives and that of those that come after us.

We hope that all persons that visit us, will be inspired by what we do. The food you eat, the nature you enjoy, is not a far away promised land, and can be achieved by anyone.