At the Albergue the hosting of the pilgrims is done by volunteers. Normally there are 2 volunteers who stay for 1 month. The atmosphere is informal.

When you are interested in volunteering, please read the below information and contact us at

The activities undertaken by the volunteers entails:

– receiving the pilgrims
– registring the pilgrims
– serving drinks and food from the bar
– help with the meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner
– cleaning of the Albergue
– washing the dishes

Pilgrims stay for one night and normally join the dinner at 19.00 hrs. We always prepare the same vegetarian dinner.
Breakfast is served from 6.30 hrs. onwards.
Lunch is for the volunteers and eventual members of the association present.

The volunteers share one room, have a toilet and and washing room. The showers are shared with the pilgrims.

All food and drinks are ecological and no meat or fish are allowed in the Albergue. Included in your stay are the meals and occasional drinks.

By now, many volunteers have stayed at the Albergue and had a great experience, as you will have ample social contacts, experience in hosting many people from different places, and have time to meet.